Who can you Trust?
Season 1, Episode 11
First aired (CAN) September 4, 2012
First aired (USA) September 4, 2012
Challenge(s) Trusting certain campers in tense situations.
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
Eliminated Justin
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"If you can't take the Heat..."
"Basic Straining"

The two teams are put to the ultimate tests in trust, pitting together vengeful enemies and potential relationships. One camper relies on a close friend to take care of his pet, but the friend fails to complete his duties. But, thanks to an unexpected favor from an unexpected camper, the pet is fine - as far as they know. The losing team eliminates their weakest link after a convincing argument, though the eliminatee finds the "sweet" in least after the episode.

The EpisodeEdit

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Chris began once more on the Dock of shame to begin the recap of the previous installment of the show, "things really got cooking between the campers. Heather pushed Leshawna too far in the cook-off challenge, and ended up, one chilly momma with Cody as her chilly daddy!. Beth had a hard day and ended up telling off Heather AGAIN, Geoff led the Killer Bass to victory, and the Screaming Gophers got to the bottom of their losing streak. It was bye-bye, Beth. Have the Gophers broken the curse? And just how much trust do they have in one other? Find out, this week, on Total Drama Island!" As before, after the intro the episode opened up to the campers, who were in the Mess Hall lodge eating breakfast. Chef was dropping something from a spoon onto a plate for one camper,

"Today's Breakfast", Chef started to announce, "Is Hawaiian-Italian Fusion Cassarole!", he then handed the plate to Trent, who was not really happy with the meal at all of course.

"You mean the leftovers from the cooking challenge?"

"Yeah that's right! You got a problem with that?", Chef then yelled, sounding much like a Drill Sargeant all of a sudden.

"Uhh, No sir!", Trent replied nervously including a Salute to top it all off. Chef saluted back, and Trent then sat down at the Gopher's table. There, Heather had a blanket around her and was sneezing, having a cold from being locked in the fridge in the previous episode. As LeShawna sat down, she smiled at seeing this.

"So Heather, learn some respect yet?"

"Ha", Heather replied, her voice sounded sickly as well, "You really think you can lock me in a freezer and get away with it? I will make you regret the day you met me!"

"GIrl, it is way too late for that!"

"You are such a, a, a, achoo!", Heather sneezed, and no she didn't get any better or worse, "Ugh, I hate this place!"

The cameras then went to outside, with Cody just walking out of the Medical tent, now fully back to full health as if he was never even mauled by the bear to begin with. He was happily walking out of the tent, a smile on his face, and heading for the main lodge when he heard what sounded like a small whine coming from the bushes. He was startled and looked in it's direction.

"What's that noise?", Cody said, before he looked into the bushes, "Hey, uhh, anyone....oh...", Cody then saw what it was, a tiny squirrel (the blue one) was injured, and whimpering with it's injuries which appeared to be on the leg, "Hey, Hey, Hey, it's okay!", Cody said as he picked the Squirrel up, it didn't bite him instead it only looked with a sad face up at him, "It'll be okay, I'll keep ya safe while you recover! Come on, wanna go get breakfast?", the Squirrel did classc squirrel noises as it nodded it's head, "Then let's go, little buddy!", soon enough, the scene jumped to Cody sitting with the Squirrel on his shoulder and his plate infront of him, Cody actually let the Squirrel eat the food first, then ate it himself.

"Cody, what is that thing?", Heather asked, still sick from her cold.

"My new pet, I found him injured in the forest. Can I please keep him, Heather? I promise I won't let him do anything to hurt you!", the Squirrel and Cody both gave Heather adorable 'puppy eyes', and Heather's glare continued, but despite her normal cruelty, she decided to let Cody keep the Squirrel.

"Fine, you can keep the damn Squirrel.", Heather replied.

"Ya hear that Buddy? I get to keep you! By the way, we need to get you a name!", once Cody said that the Cameras once more went over to the Bass side, this time to Sadie and Bridgette. Sadie was glaring at Eva angrily once more, and then turned to Bridgette.

"Okay Bridge, I say we make SURE Eva leaves this time around!"

"You still want to get her off? I mean, theres not much point to it!"

"Bridgette, I formed this Alliance with you to get Eva off for Katie, and I'm not about to let Katie down!"

"But, do you know if Katie would want you doing this?"

"She would! I know she would do it for me if it was me instead of her, and I'm not going to stop until Eva is gone! Now, are you in or are you out?", Bridgette sighed with a frown in response,

"I'm in."

"Okay, now I say we should get Heather's help!"

"What?!", Bridgette then stopped Sadie from standing up right that second, "Heather? Sadie, are you insane? She has her own Alliance, and I'm sure she wouldn't want another one on the Island!"

"It's the only shot we have!"

"Yeah, but it will get us both Eliminated for sure! Look, we should try to get Eva off WITHOUT Heather's help, heck maybe she'll get her off for us so we won't have to do anything!"

"Fine!", Sadie pouted, "But if things get too hard, I'm going for Heather!", as Sadie and Bridgette both were once more seated, Bridgette rolled her eyes. Suddenly, the Episode shifted to show Chris walking through the early morning woods, and when he stopped he faced the camera.

"Hi, Chris here, sometimes teams just don't get along. So the Producers and I thought that the best way to work through the group friction would be", Chris then smiled his classic smirk, "To exploit it for laughs!", he then showed great enjoyment in imagining the drama that would unfold today, "This is gonna be awesome!", the Episode then moved to show the moment when the teams were assembled on the Docks together, seperated by teams. Cody had the Squirrel still on his shoulder, Heather was no longer sick for some reason, and Chris was standing infront of them, about to announce the challenge of the day, "So, last week's challenge exposed a few Gopher issues", Heather and LeShawna angrily glared at eachother as he said that, "and I'm sensing something funky floating in the bass pond too", Sadie and Bridgette looked around nervously, feeling that Chris was talking of their secret alliance against Eva, "So, this weeks challenge, is centered around building trust. Because all good things begin with a little trust!"


Heather - "Well, Gwen trusted me once, and I got her off of the game in the same episode, oh and let's not forget Beth who was the last one to leave!", she is of course smiling at the memories of the two eliminations she caused previously.


The episode went back to Chris explaining the challenge, of course,

"There are Three major challenges, that will HAVE to be completed by two or more members of your team. Normally, we would let the campers choose your partners, but this time we decided differently! Which means more fun for mee!", the episode then went to the campers and Chris standing by a cliff (not the one seen in the first episode, a smaller one), "Okay, so the first challenge is a free-hand rock climbing adventure! Okay, so Justin and Harold will play for the Bass, and Heather and LeShawna will play for the Gophers!", at the sound of that, Heather and LeShawna once more angrily glared at eachother, "Heres your ropes and harnesses!", he then tossed the climbing equipment at the four campers that were competiting in the first challenge, with Heather catching it for her team, and Harold for his.

"Oh Hell no!", LeShawna replied, "No way are YOU havin' ME like that, honey, Uh-uh!"

"Sorry, but I DID get it first, LeShawna!", Heather replied with a smirk.

"So what? That automatically means you own it or somethin? I don't see your name on it or anything!"

"Well, I still got it first, besides, this challenge is about building trust! But, I guess you don't trust me!", Heather replied. LeShawna wanted to beat her up right there, but restrained her temper.

"Oooh I can't stand that little bitch!", LeShawna mumbled a she had to face that she was going to have trust Heather not to hurt her in this challenge.

"Actually LeShawna", Chris began to explain, "She won't be holding you up exactly, "One camper pulls the slack through the Balet as their partner climbs, if the climber falls, the Balet will stop them from crashing! The Catch? Both the side and the base of the mountain are rigged with a few minor distractions like Rusy Nails, slippery oil slick, mild explosives and a few other surprises."

"Wicked!", Harold commented, with his other Bas members having blank or semi-concerned looks.

"The person on balet must ALSO harness their partner up! It's All about trust people, and remember! Never let go of the rope! Your partners life depends on it!"

"Well, then you might wanna switch me or Heather cuz one of us is gon' die!", LeShawna replied, her and Heather still glaring at eachother angrily.

"Oh please, as much as I "love" your company, I wouldn't throw a challenge just to kill you, yet.", suddenly everyone on the team had a surprised look when Heather said that, save LeShawna was still in an angry glare.

"I was talkin' about both of us", she explained.

"Just spread 'em", Heather then replied, LeShawna rolled her eyes, and did allow Heather to put the Harness and Ropes on her, amazingly. With the Bass, Harold was finishing putting the Equipment on the still silent Justin.

"Don't worry, Justin, I will not harm you at all, you can completely trust me with this, dude!", Harold said to assure Justin that no harm would come to him, but Justin remained silent ,rolling his eyes at Harold and not really saying anything. "Okay, all set up!", Harold announced as he finally completed setting up the Equipment on Justins' body.

"So Uh, Bridge", Geoff said to start conversation with Bridgette, "What you think of this challenge?"

"Well, I think it's dangerous as the others, but, I do kinda thing these could use a bit more trust."

"Yeah", Geoff laughed, "I agree.", the two then smiled at eachother, having their little friendly moment together once again.

Back with the Gophers, Heather had finished setting LeShawna's harness and rope, but added a second rope, which concerned LeShawna.

"Hold Up Hold Up Hold the Hell up, what in the hell is the second rope for?", LeShawna asked, still angry towards her enemy.

"It's just a backup line!", Heather explained with a sinister look to her face,

"Why's that smirk on your face?"

"Nothing! I'm just really happy we're together in this challenge!", LeShawna angrily looked at Heather with no belief at all in what she was saying, and this went on until it cut to the confessional:


Heather - "It's all her fault for messing with me, because I've got a doctorate in revenge and humiliation."


Following the confessional, it came to the moment where LeShawna was climbing up, have had reached the rusty nails part of the cliff. Her and Justin both were carefully climbing up the cliff, both determined to win the challenge for their respective teams. Soon Enough, LeShawna made it further than DJ when an explosive went off near them, and another soon exploded right in her face sending her screaming and falling down. Surprisingly, Heather actually stopped LeShawna from falling to the ground.

"It's okay, I got you!"

"I promised, surprises! Habanera hot sauce anyone?", Chris said with his evil smirk, holding up a water gun filled with Hot Sauce instead of water. He then took aim and fired it first right at Heather, who of course was not happy to be covered in hot sauce.

"ugh, what he heck, Chris?", she angrily replied. As she used both hands to rub her eyes, she let go of the rope and LeShawna naturally came falling down to the ground, but did live.

"Muy calienté!", Chris replied to his own handiwork, and then fired the Hot sauce right at Harold, who managed to dodge it completely without dropping Justin.

"Is that the best you can do?", Harold asked in response to Chris' failure to hit him with the hot sauce.

"Is that the best we can do?", Chris asked to the camera man, and the view then went back to Justin and LeShawna climbing the mountain, with LeShawna falling behind. However, Justin nearly slipped and then hesitated to continue climbing, which allowed LeShawna to once more gain the lead.

"Come on, LeShawna, you wouldn't want to fall, behind!", Heather said with a smirk on her face, pulling the other rope. This rope pulled LeShawna's shorts straight off, and it managed to shock Justin completely, making him gasp from the shock of this.

"GAH!", LeShawna yelped upon noticing what Heather had done, her panties were now revealed to the entire viewing world.

"That Booty!", Harold exclaimed at the sight of LeShawna's rear end, even having a smile on his face.

" don't see that everyday!", Duncan pointed out.

"No, No you don't my man. No you don't", Chris added in with agreement. Justin however, taking off LeShawna's shorts which fell onto his face, was in full shock and even screamed in terror, falling straight from the mountain. Harold was too mesmorized with LeShawna's booty to do anything, and in his smiling (and possibly) drooling, let go of the robe, which tied around his foot and had him flung into the air heading towards Justin. The two stopped at one main point though, banging into eachother and then dangling there.

"GOSH!", Harold exclaimed once he and Justin were dangling and done with their flying into the air. LeShawna, angry at Heather, looked down at the two, but then put her shorts in her mouth and continued climbing. With determination, she managed to make it to the top of the mountain, and once there she lifted her shorts up into the air in victory.

"The Gophers have won the first challenge!", Chris announced happily, much to the happiness of the Screaming Gopher team.

"Yeah! I won!", she yelled out, then she remembered she didn't have shorts on and used them to hide her panties, still embarassed (and already likely thinking of how to get back at Heather for this). The next scene was in the mess hall, which now had a podium set up in it, in the middle of the tables, along with stagelights and other effects for Chris' own entrance. Cody (with the Squirrel still on his shoulder) and Lindsay rose from the floor on one said with Geoff and Bridgette rising on the other, after this came the intern (The one previously seen in Paintball Deer Hunter) came in flying in ball form as Chris' stunt double, landing behind the podium as Chris rose up acting like it was him. The intern crawled away as Chris would then begin explaining the second challenge of the episode.

"And now round two! The, Extreme, cooking, challenge!", he called out. The four campers though were actually paying more attention to the crawling away intern as he left the room more than Chris who was explaining the challenge. "Each team chooses who cooks, and who eats!"

"Well, I was head Chef last time, so, why don't you do the cooking this time?", Geoff suggested to Bridgette, who nodded in agreement.

"Oooh Oooh! Coby, I'll be the cook!", Lindsay said to Cody, "and by the way, you're new friend is so cute!", the Squirrel made it's squeeks in bashfulness, showing he was flattered with Lindsay's compliment.


Cody - "Okay, so Lindsay's not really the smartest camper here, but then I again I don't know how to cook either and she is nice. I mean, how much harm could she really do?"


After the confessiona, it went back to Chris going more in-depth on the challenge:

"Today's dish will be fugu sashimi, the traditional Japanese poisonous blowfish!", a gong was then banged. The Squirrel and Cody both became highly worried, as Lindsay clapped excitedly. Chris then, on a projector board with a diagram of the blowfish, explained how the fish worked biologically, "The fugu blowfish has enough lethal toxins to kill thirty people", Chef then knocked on the fish tank with a net, then with his hands held them out of the water,

"Fishies, meet your maker!", Chef said with a sadistic look on his face, tossing them to both tables.

"Ah!", Lindsay said with a smile as her fish landed on her table, with Bridgette and Geoff being silent when theirs did. Chris then turned his attention back to the diagram.

"They must be sliced very carefully to cut around the poisonous organs. The poison paralyzes the nerves, and there is no antidote. So, no worries!", all of the competitors in the challenge (save Lindsay who poked at her fish) became quite concerned after this part was revealed. Cody, very concerned, then turned to Lindsay.

"Lindsay, you HAVE taken Biology, right?", Lindsay replied by nodding her head, "Okay then, good!", right afterwards Lindsay poked her fish enough to make it's air pop out and make it fly across the room, even flying out of the window. Both Lindsay and Cody just looked on with no comment to it, just was just as Chris said 'begin!' to announce the challenge had begun.

The Episode then cut to when they had fully cooked their fish. Bridgette had cut the fish into many piles of sushi, even placing a small leaf ontop, she sighed of relief at finishing this so safely and nicely.

"Finished!", she announced with a smile on her face. Cody, Cody's Squirrel, and Lindsay looked on, and then Lindsay took out her plate. It was poorly put together, resmeble mush with some of the fishes full parts still visible. The blonde nervously put ketchup on it in the shape of a smiley face as Bridgette handed her fish to Geoff for eating. Nervously, Geoff prepared to eat it, and Chris and Chef both eagerly awaited this moment. Once Geoff put it in his mouth and began chewing, he managed to swallow without any harm done to him at all. After a few moments, he smiled at being completely safe.

"Excellence, no poision!", Geoff announced. Cody's Squirrel was a bit dissapointed, and then looked at Lindsay's dish with his own form of worry and disgust as Lindsay moved her plate to Cody.

"Ta-Da!", Lindsay cheerfully said with a smile on her face. Cody, still unsure, took a chunk onto his fork, and then as his Squirrel jumped off of his shoulder and onto the table, he took a bite of the fish. Once he swalled however, it showed that Lindsay didn't really do much of a good job, as after a few twitches Cody strangely punched himself three times in the face, and then screamed randomly. Though, after a life, Lindsay smiled believing this was just an act. Though, this was proven false when Cody became sick and fell to the ground. Even Geoff and Bridgette shocked surprise at this, and as Cody got up, he was turning blue and sounding sick himself.

"I thought you passed biology!", Cody said, struggling to get up.

"I took biology.", Lindsay replied, as Cody once more fell to the ground. Once on the ground, puke seemed to be coming from his mouth and his body was twitching.

The Squirrel, Geoff, Bridgette, and Lindsay just looked down at him in surprise and somewhat disgust, and Chris soon joined in.

"It's cool.", Chris explained, "Give him 24 hours, and he'll be up walking and breathing good as new", Chris then walked away from the campers that took part in the challenge.

"Wait!", Bridgette exclaimed, "Isn't someone going to come and help him?"

After she said that, Chef (in a nurse costume), came over to Cody to give him CPR. Of course, Cody was unable to really respond to this but he likely didn't really like it.

The Episode then went to Geoff and Bridgette following their challenge, who were running across the dock in their swimsuits, obviously prepared for a swim.

"Last one in's a rotten blowfish!", Geoff yelled out (jokingly) as he and Bridgette ran, when out of nowhere and for no reason one of the Dock's boards came up and smacked him square in the face and knocked him to the ground. "Ow!"

"Are you alright?", Bridgette asked, worried as she did witness this completely.

"Yeah, I'm fine.", Geoff replied as he got up, rubbing his head in pain, "Just a little hit is all.", suddenly another one of the floor boards came up from behind and smacked him again, followed by one coming up and sending him into the air, then another one coming up to smack him into the lake like a baseball bat almost. Geoff managed to resurface right near the dock,

"Okay, what the heck just happened?"

"I don't know, maybe the floor boards just don't like you?"

"Yeah, probably."

"I don't know why they wouldn't like you though, you were quite brave to eat that blowfish, you know."

"It was no biggie. I knew I could trust you! You're cool!", Geoff said with a smile, and Bridgette smiled back. This was right before one of the floorboards sent her flying into the water with Geoff. Once she resurfaced, the two briefly were confused, but then looked at eachother with smiles, and then laughed at the situation. Soon, the scene shifted to reveal that Cody's Squirrel was the cause of the floorboards moving up and down, as he came out from underneath them, and then ran away from the docks.

The scene then went to Cody in the medical tent, still showing the symptoms from the poison. Nurse Chef walked to him keeping a sadistic look, and held up a needle in his hands.

"This won't hurt a bit", Chef said with his sadistic smirk, "It'll hurt a whole lot!", as Chef squirted the needle, the Episode then went to showing the campers once more assembled with Chris, save Cody who was still in the Medical tent, ready for the final part of their challenge.

"Good News! The Next Challenge is made of three other challanges! It's the three blind challenges!", Chris explained, "First is the blind William Tell, followed by the Blind Trapeze, and that's followed by and finished by the Dreaded and Treacherous Blind Tobagon!", right there, Cody's Squirrel appeared, right at Heather's feet, and it actuallly payed attention to Chris itself, and then made a rather mischeivous laughter, looking at the members of the opposing team. Chris then immediately started the demonstration of the first of the three blind challenges by seeting an arrow ontop of Harold's head. "Like legendary Marksman william tell, you'll be knocking arrows off your partners head, with crab apples!", Chris had his own classic sadistic smile on his face.

"Uh, Dude, that does not make any sense at all!", LeShawna pointed out, but Chris ignored this remark.

"Also, the shooter will be blindfolded!", Chris revealed which made most of the campers (exceptions being Eva) gasp, and Chris himself now had a blindfold. The Bass, even Eva, did backup from Geoff though, "The person who knocks off the crab apple without causing the least amount of facial damage wins!", Chris then shot his apple at where Geoff's direction was, and at a high velocity it managed to smack Geoff right in the groin, causing much pain.

"Oooohhh!", Geoff responded in pain, falling to the ground.

"Ah, Nuts!", Chris replied, now lifting up his blindfold to see again, "Duncan and Trent you'll be one team, Eva and Sadie you'll be the other.", of course Bridgette now became nervous, and Sadie finally made yet another one her evil glares.

"Ooooh, Eva, I'll be the one shooting! I'm a VERY Good shot!", Sadie said with her evil glare showing, but Eva payed no attention to this at all.

"Whatever, just don't piss me off.", Eva said sternly, in response to Sadie's request to be the shooter.

"I'll be the one shooting.", Duncan said, in regards to him and Trent being team-mates in this challenge.

"Why can't I be the shooter?", Trent was a bit worried for his safety himself, and Duncan smirked at this reply himself too.

"Oh please Trent, it won't be last time I shoot at you.", the Deliquent said with a slight chuckle. Trent stared confused at this, but ended up having the arrow placed on his head along with Eva anyway.

"Okay!", Chris announced, "Let's Rock and Roll!", the Challenge was then underwway (Eva and Trent now had on the sunglasses from Paintball Deer Hunter on and Duncan and Sadie were both blindfolded). Both slingshotted their apples towards where there Targets were, though Sadie misfired on purpose, of course.

The first shot shown to land was Sadie's which bursted at Eva's feet without even hurting her at all, while Trent was hit in the shoulder and was somewhat hurt, then Eva was struck in the stomach and still not hurt, with Trent being struck there and hurt a bit. The next few shots from Sadie (like four) hit Eva repeatedly, but each one didn't seem to hurt at all, while Trent was hit and hurt repeatedly by Duncan, until finally the Duncan managed to miraculously land the shot that went onto the arrow Trent had on his head, winning the challenge for the Gophers.

"Well, Trent, I told ya!", Duncan said with a smile, but Trent fainted from being hit so many times, though regardless the Gophers still won that challenge. Eva growled at this, angry at her team losing.

"I've got her this time!", Sadie replied, ready to fire her next apple.

"Duncan won, already Sadie!", Chris exclaimed, but couldn't stop Sadie from firing her apple at Eva, only to have Eva smack it to the ground and stomp on it in anger. As Sadie lifted up her blindfold, the saw the scene of Eva angrily screaming and snapping her Arrow in two with quite ease. Sadie continued smiling at this, as Eva then literally punched yet another tree straight to the ground.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!", she screamed in complete and total rage. Soon the episode cut away from this and showed the teams (except Cody and Trent) assembled at a small pool above a trapeze set up.

"Now, for our second challenge! The Blind Trapeze!", Chris announced with his smile on his face. Cody's Squirrel, going un-noticed, was ontop of the trapeze, and had his own sadistic smile on, looking down at Chris and the Campers. "To avoid injury, this trapeze has been set up over this pond", Chris explained, "Which is full of jellyfish!", the campers (except Eva), then all gasped at this. "You two will put on these blindfolds and stand on the platforms until your partners tell you when to jump!", Chris then handed blindfolds to Bridgette, while Heather swiped hers from his hand.

"And then?", Heather asked.

"Then", Chris answered, "hopefully they'll catch you! Or that's gonna be one heck of a painful swim!", Chris then laughed, "Okay! Huthut!"

For the Trapeze challenge, Heather was given Lindsay as a partney, and Bridgette was to trust the mostly silent Justin. Justin was already hanging from his trapeze, and Geoff was of course the one most nervous about this event, since Justin was known for not speaking much at all.


Geoff - "Okay, so Bridgette was paired with Justin, and my thoughts were like, Justin's cool and all, but he doesn't really speak much, dude! Like, at all! I mean, he speaks a bit off-screen but it's not even that much, so I was like hopin' he would say somethin so my Bridge wouldn't get hurt!"


It then went back to the challenge, and as Justin swung from the trapeze, he actually took a deep breath and in a shocking twist, actually spoke:

"Bridgette, jump!",he suddenly said. Everyone, even Eva and Chris gasped in surprise that Justin had finally spoken during a challenge, "Now!"

Bridgette, nervous, hesitated to jump, and instead hugged a pole instead.

"Come on Bridgette, you can trust me!", Justin assured, "I'm a model!"

"Okay, next time I promise!", Bridgette replied back to the now suddenly speaking Justin, with everyone still in shock at him speaking except Bridgette to even reply.

"1....2....3...NOW!", Justin once more called out. Bridgette then jumped, and sucessfuly was caught by the Model, however they were unaware that Codt's Squirrel somehow got a knife, and as he dangled from the poles above he cut the rope that Justin and Bridgette were both on, and sent them screaming into the jellyfish below. Everyone gasped in surprise as the two were electrocuted by the jellyfish, and also winced in pain for them too.

"Well, that's gonna be kinda painful!", Chris exclaimed, "Arlight Gophers, you're turn!", as he said that the Squirrel could be seen climbing down from the Trapeze set-up, still with nobody spotting it at all.

"Okay!", Lindsay said as she swung, and Bridgette and Justin left the pit covered in jellyfish, "1.....2....3...jump!", suddenly she stopped herself, "No not yet!", however Heather already prepared to jump, and like Bridgette and Justin fell directly into the Jellyfish pool, much to her dismay. Once more, as she was electrocuted everyone looked on in surprise and winced, but LeShawna soon smiled.


LeShawna - "Ha, I guess my question to the curse came true!", she then gave a thumbs up to the sky, smiling.


"Well....looks like it's neither team that wins!", Chris exclaimed following the confessional, "Let's go on to the final challenge!"

Before the episode revealed the second challenge, however, it went to show Heather, Bridgette, and Justin, walking (each with one jellyfish on them, Justin over his mouth, Bridgette on her leg, and Heather on her head) into the medical tent. Heather was the only one that was vocal.

"I can't believe I trusted that lttle", she was then shocked by the jellyfish, "Ow!", "Frickin' stinging jellyfish!", she then walked into the tent, being shocked again though, "Ow!", she along with the other two with her then took her seat in the tent, of course miserable with the Jellyfish on her. Suddenly, Trent awoke from being knocked out.

"W-where am I?"

"You're in the infirmary.", Bridgette explained, then she too got shocked by her jellyfish.

"Got anything for removing Jellyfish?", Heather asked once Nurse Chef (who was holding food/soup of some kind to the still knocked out Cody) was in the room. Chef silently nodded, and Heather gave a thumbs up before lying onto the roller she sat on.

The episode then cut to the remaining campers in the challenge (LeShawna, Lindsay, Duncan, Eva, Sadie, Harold, Owen, and Geoff) as they were now assembled for the final challenge of the day.

"Now for the final challenge, the Blind tobagon!", Chris announced, keeping his Sadistic smile.

"The Say what?", LeShawna replied, pretty surprised by the challenge Chris just revealed.

"Each team will have a driver and a navigator.", Chris began to explain, "The Driver steers while the Navigator shouts directions. Oh yeah, and the Driver's blindfolded.", at this part everyone except Eva and Sadie gasped, since Sadie had a plan for this part.


Sadie - "Okay! So hopefully he pairs me with Eva, so that I can steer in the wrong direction and then I can tell the team that she purposely went against my directions!"


Following the Confessional, it went back to Chris speaking to the remaining campers,

"Not many of you left, I keep losing you guys"!, Chris laughed, "Oh well! Uh, Lindsay and LeShawna for the Gophers and Eva and Owen for the Bass!"


Sadie - "DAMNIT!"


Following Sadie's last confessional for the episode, the camera then showed the campers not competitng in the final challenge (that weren't in the infirmary) and moved up to show the four that were on the top of the cliff of the island.

"Okay Eva, don't worry!", Owen said with an optimisitc laugh.

"Why would I worry? I'm not the one Driving!", Eva replied, in a rather mean fashion too, "GOT IT?"

"Uh, yes ma'am!", Owen replied nervously ,scared of Eva's anger.


"So, Uh, Lindsay", LeShawna nervously said to the Blonde Girl known for not being that bright and that just (unintentionally) got Heather electrocuted, "You won't screw me over, right?"

"Uh-uh!", Lindsay replied, shaking her heads, "Why would I?"

"Oh, I was just askin', girl.!", LeShawna replied with a smile, though she then showed signs of being unsure about Lindsay being her partner in this. Meanwhile, on the cliff's slope, Cody's Squirrel knocked on the ground, and soon enough a priarie dog popped up from the ground, the two animals shared some form of chat with eachother (in their language), and then the praire dog allowed Cody's Squirrel to actually go into it's hole for reasons that would likely later come up. After that, it went back to the four competiting.

"Alright, so when does this thing start?!", Eva yelled out, which brought all of them to look at Chef, who was applying lubrication to the sleds they were going to sliding down on.

"Just's lubin' them up, get a little more speed goin'", Chef then once more showed his Sadistic face, which made the campers feel a bit uneasy. It then cut to when Chef was finished, and the four campers were seated on their respective tobagans.

"Alright! On your marks, get set", Chris then honked a horn, and he lightly kicked the Bass' Owen and Eva down while Chef did it to Lindsay and LeShawna of the Gophers. The four then finally began sliding down the cliff, as the challenge had them do.

"Right!", Lindsay told LeShawna, "Right again!"

"AVOID THE TREE! LEFT!", Eva yelled out, to which Owen complied, and she meant a Tree that was bent as some form of a slant. Of course, Lindsay and LeShawna were now shown heading right for it.

"Go right, no Left, urr, right!", Lindsay replied confused, "No, Right then Left!", LeShawna complied with this, and this led to her to turn but quickly land onto the tree and fly into the air. Cody's Squirrel popped from a hole in the ground near the tree, and facepalmed, followed by Witnessing Eva and Owen nearing the finish-line, along with the mysterious figure from the previous episoes also there, happy at seeing the gophers about win, as a smile and wincing eyes could be seen. The Squirrel didn't pay attention to the figure though, and instead, determined, went under the ground, rushing for the direction of the finish line.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", Lindsay screamed in terror.

"What? We're justin flyn' now!", LeShawna exclaimed, and her and Lindsay soon landed on a river, where they were drifting towards a waterfall. Of course, when they fell from it, Lindsay screamed and then the tabagon landed on a piece of tree at the waterfall's bottom, launching them into the air once more.

The episode then went back to Eva and Owen, who were still sliding down the cliff.

"LEFT!", Eva yelled out, "RIGHT!", Owen steered in both directions as she ordered it, "RIGHT, LEFT, THEN RIGHT, THEN GET MORE SPEED!", Owen once more complied, but didn't know how to get more speed.

"How do I do the last part?"


"Oh, okay!", Owen then tried his hardest, "You may want to cover your nose.", Eva of course did this, but just as Owen let loose one of the biggest farts ever, Cody's Squirrel put spikes up in the ground, just at enough distance up that they would break through the tabogan, which they did. As soon as Eva and Owen went over them, Owen's fart sent Eva flying backwards up the cliff and Owen flying towards the finish line as the wooden sled itself was torn apart by the spikes. The Bass gasped at this, except Sadie who enjoyed seeing this, and the Gopher's Duncan was just looking around to see where LeShawna and Lindsay were. Owen then began bouncing up and down down the cliff, when suddenly an explosion sent him in one direction, into another explosion.

"What the heck?!", Eva shouted, confused at seeing the explosions going on. The view then went over to Chris, holding a switch for the Explosives, as he pulled it again.

"We had a few explosives left over, and I just hate to waste.", he then pulled it again, causing another explosion, just as LeShawna and Lindsay fell from the sky. The Explosion sent both of them, with Lindsay screaming, back into the air, and the sled then faced the surface of the Earth, and Lindsay screamed in even more terror. More and more explosions were set off, as Cody's Squirrel, at the finish line, popped out of the ground and shook hands with the priarie dog and then went over to be by Duncan as the other animal went back into the ground. Soon, just as Owen reached the finish line much to the Bass' cheers, LeShawna and Lindsay dropped straight on the finish line, breaking it. Eva then arrived, running down to the bottom of the cliff. The Bass sighed in response, dissapointed their team had lost. Eva however, grew angry, once more puncing a hole straight through one of the Island's trees. As the Gopher's rejoiced in celebration, including Cody's Squirrel (now sitting upon Lindsay's shoulders), Trent himself then walked onto the scene as Chris arrived with Chef as well.

"Well, looks like the Gophers win their first challenge in quite a while!", Chris pointed out with a smile. Noticably, the unknown figure was shown to be upset with this, before going back to hiding in the woods, "This means that the Bass will soon be equal with Six to the Gophers, so, yeah. Choose you're eliminated camper wisely!", Sadie made an evil glare once more at Eva, ready to see her go. The gophers (now with the bandaged Heather, the wheelchair and foaming at the mouth Cody being wheeled by Nurse Chef) cheered for their victory, and the Bass (now including the bandaged ridgette and now forced to be silent due to bandages Justin), just frowned at their loss. The Squirrel, still sitting on Lindsay's shoulder, made his own sinister glare, one that was similar to that of Heather's, before jumping onto Cody's lap and going to sleep calmly.

The episode then went to the campfire ceremony, with all of the remaining bass members (Justin, Owen, Bridgette, Sadie, Harold, and Eva) gathered by the campfire with Chris holding the plate of marshmallows in front of them.

"Well, Killer Bass, you guys had three victories in a row!", Chris exclaimed, "Eva, what what happened to your team today?", Eva just crossed her arms and growled at Chris in complete anger, which Chris laughed at, "Now, as you know these marshmallows represent your stay here on Total Drama Island, and as long as you get one you will be a camper here. If you DON'T, you WON'T. Now, I'm going to call out who's safe, and when whoever didn't recieve his or her marshmallow is revealed, that person is to report to the boat of losers after talking the dock of shame, and leave forever. To never return. EVER. Now, Owen!", he then threw Owen the first Marshmallow, which was caught in Owen's mouth, "Bridgette!", Bridgette was then thrown hers, "Geoff!", who was thrown his, "Sadie!", who was then thrown hers, all three smiled at eachother getting safety,"Harold!", who was then thrown his. Eva was surprised, and even worried at this, afraid this was her end. Justin himself was worried, and he couldn't even speak due to his mouth being covered with a bandage. "Justin, and Eva. It has come down to this. To be honest, I'm not really surprised. Eva, you have quite the temper, and Justin you don't really do much around here. One of you was bound to go eventually, cuz we just can't keep you anymore. In the end, it is my neutral honour to reveal that the last marshmallow goes to.....................................................................................................Eva", Eva was then thrown her marshmallow much to her relief, and Sadie pouted. Justin sighed, and with his head down he shamefully walked down the dock of shame, and silently took the boat of losers home.

"Well, the rest of you, are all Safe!", Chris exclaimed, "For now!", the episode then faded out right on those words, ending it right there.


  • This is Justin's first elimination.
  • This is the fourth and last episode to feature Veronica prior to her being revealed to everyone.
  • This is the first appearance of Cody's pet squirrel Conker.