Total Drama: Ridonculous Race is a spin-off of Total Drama, both the official Fresh TV version and of Eternal's version. This article is, obviously, about the Eternal version of the spin-off. Though this version is only in the planning stages, the premise is basically the same as the series: several teams of two race around various countries of the world and get eliminated one-boy-one (or two-by-two) to win 1 Million Dollars. The main difference in the first RR season though is the amount of teams. The official version has 18 teams of two, while Eternal's version will have 26 teams of two.

Ridonculous Race 1Edit

Elimination tableEdit

This table summarizes the order which players rank overall throughout the series; players are listed in reverse order of elimination.

Team Label Position (by leg) Final placing
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Jacques & Josee Ice Dancers IN
Jake & Rose High-School Lovers IN
Sanders & MacArthur Police Cadets IN
Geoff & Brody Surfer Dudes IN
Emma & Kitty The Sisters IN
Coby & Brandon The Best Buddies IN
Carrie & Devin Best Friends IN
Carly & Samey Shopper and Cheerleader IN
Alex & Chase Boyfriends IN
Madison & Sam Gamers IN
Ellody & Mary Geniuses IN
Kelly & Taylor Mother & Daughter IN
Stephanie & Ryan Daters IN
Ennui & Crimson Goths IN
Jay & Mickey Adversity Twins IN
Chet & Lorenzo The Step-brothers IN
Rock & Spud The Rockers IN
Dawn & Laura Supernaturals IN
Twilight & Pinkie Bookworm & Party Girl IN
Hayley & Zoey Indie Chicks IN
Tom & Jen Fashion Bloggers IN
Dwayne & Junior Father & Son IN
Chris & Cassandra The Divorcees IN
Courtney & Jane Client & Lawyer IN
Owen & Noah Reality TV Pros IN
Laurie & Miles Vegans IN
Gerry & Pete Tennis Rivals IN
Beth & Lindsay The Gal-Pals IN
Leonard & Tammy The LARPers IN


Each column shows the results of the leg of the race from that episode of the series. The team's position is noted (except for the first episode, where results were not stated for all teams; IN appears to denote teams whose positions were unstated) by the host. The team finishing first place are denoted by WIN for winner. The team finishing last may be eliminated, which is denoted by OUT instead of an ordinal place. A team with two ranks means that they are tied with another team. A team who withdrew from the race due to injury is marked with WD.